The Guinness Storehouse

Guinness1Located in Old City Dublin, the Guinness brew house sits on four acres of land. With its high walls and industrial setting, it feels isolated from the rest of the bustling city.

Once inside, you are first greeted by the 9,000-year property lease signed by Sir Arthur Guinness in 1759, which lies underneath protective glass in the floor at the center of the room. Directly above cutting through the center of the building is the largest pint glass in the world. If filled with Guinness, it would hold over 14.3 million pints of the “Black Stuff.”

This is where are tour begins. The tour is conducted in English, and non-English speakers may use a complimentary audio headset in the language of their choice. The tour winds through the original brewery detailing every step of the unique brewing process used to create one of the best-selling beers in the world. The brewery produces 3 million pints per day and is the biggest stout export brewery on the planet.

After learning the basics of the brewing process, you can enter the tasting room. Here you are subjected to a variety of sensory experiences, including vaporized scents of four major attributes of Guinness. This all culminates in tasting Guinness using a unique technique they impart at the conclusion of the program.

After the tasting we recommend a stop at the Guinness Academy where you will be taught the fine art of pouring the perfect pint – a six-step process. After the lesson, you will be able to pour your own Guinness and receive a certificate and photo of your new accomplishment.

With your perfectly poured pint in hand, it’s now time to proceed to The Gravity Bar. Here you can relax and take in the beautiful 360-degree views of the city and surrounding areas while reading facts about the beer and quotes from famous Irish writers.

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Beer to try: Guinness Draught (of course) and, for the more adventurous, Guinness West Indies