If you can’t make it to Germany this Saturday, you can still experience a traditional Oktoberfest celebration close to home at Paulaner NYC. With the tapping of the Oktoberfest keg happening at 4:00 p.m. to coincide with the official tapping at Paulaner in Munich, this will be as authentic as it gets for New York-area residents and visitors.

Paulaner NYC is a traditional Bavarian-style restaurant and beer hall. A warm and inviting dining hall seats 250 people, and its rustic, wooden benches facilitate a communal setting where you’ll find yourself making fast friends with neighbors who were strangers just moments before.

Since its opening in May 2014, Master Brewer Andreas Heidenreich, also a diehard fan of the Bayern Munich soccer

Master Brewer Andreas Heidenreich

Master Brewer Andreas Heidenreich

club, has been brewing Paulaner beer in the same fashion as the almost 400-year-old main brewery in Munich. After writing a paper on beer while in high school Andreas, a native of Munich, fell in love with the brewing process and, shortly thereafter, began an apprenticeship at a Paulaner brewery.

Following his apprenticeship, he attended the University of Berlin to obtain his Master of Science in Brewing and Beverage Technology (University of Berlin is one of only two universities in Germany to offer the degree). Upon graduating he returned to Paulaner, and in his almost 20-year career with the company has opened seven Paulaner breweries in Asia, plus the New York City location.

While you’re feasting on the traditional Bavarian fare such as house made potato pancakes with apple sauce, baked pretzel with obazda (traditional cheese spread), bratwurst, or Wiener schnitzel, expect to be surrounded by the very brewing equipment that is hard at work delivering you the freshest beer available in New York City.

Worldwide, Paulaner breweries follow Reinheitsgebot (the German Beer Purity Law of 1516) and Paulaner NYC is no different. This law states that only four ingredients are permitted when brewing beer: water, barley, hops, and yeast, with no other additives included. When we asked him what he loves about brewing so much, Andreas responded, “I love being able to create something from these four ingredients, and seeing the look of enjoyment on people’s faces when they drink them.”

The beautiful brass taps

The beautiful brass taps

The ingredients used are imported from Germany, and to ensure the end product is up to Paulaner’s quality standards — they even sent the New York City water to be tested at the main brewery in Munich. It turns out New York City water is perfect for brewing Paulaner. Andreas suspects this confirms the long-held theory that this is why the pizza and bagels here are also the best in the world.

The glass-walled main brewery room is in the back of the dining area, with two aging tanks along the brick wall inside the dining room. After the aging process is complete, the piping visible on the ceiling moves the beer to the dispensing tanks. Beer can then be enjoyed in a true tank-to-table setting without going through any filtering or pasteurization process.

This is the way Paulaner has been creating beer for its almost 400 year history. It’s an ideal way for beer to be enjoyed!

Pro tips:

  • You will often see people adding an orange or lemon slice to their beer, but this is not the way to try a traditional German beer. Skip the fruit and enjoy the pure unfiltered pleasure from this old-world recipe.
  • In preparation for 2015 Oktoberfest, Paulaner has brewed 800 gallons of beer.
  • In addition to the most authentic German beer available, Paulaner also offers a full bar serving wine and liquor.
  • Check out the beautiful brass tap housing on the bar.
  • Tours of the brewery are available on Fridays at 3:00 p.m. (Reservations are required.)
  • There is a “cabin room” on the basement level that offers a beautiful courtyard view and can be reserved for private parties.

Paulaner NYC is located at 265 Bowery Street, New York, NY 10002


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