Featured bartender: Vanessa mixes it up with NJ Devils fans at Newark’s Taste Venue

Vanessa has been bartending for five years. We caught up with her at Taste Venue in Newark, NJ.


OBC: Did you go to bartending school and, if so, how did it help you?

Vanessa: I went to Mix’em Up Bartending School in Linden, NJ. It definitely helped for learning the rules and regulations of ABC (Alcohol Beverage Control), as well as the different ingredients for the  drinks you can encounter in a live environment.

OBC: What is your favorite thing about bartending?

Vanessa: I would say my favorite part would have to be meeting a variety of new and interesting people. Many of the customers here I now consider real friends.

OBC: Do you have a signature drink that you like to make?

Vanessa: My favorite drink to make would have to be the Caipirinha. Being from Brazil, I enjoy introducing a new drink to customers who may be looking for something a little different. I also have a personal little twist on the traditional recipe that even die-hard fans of the traditional drink seem to love.

OBC: Can you share what the “twist” is?

Vanessa: Nope! You have to come try it for yourself.

OBC: What is the craziest thing you have seen while bartending here?

Vanessa: I would say the craziest thing I have seen was during a bachelorette party. The bride to be was telling everyone she was going to dance on the bar and strip naked, so she got up on the bar and started dancing and, before you know it, she was down to her bra and panties getting ready to take them off before security got her down off the bar. The crazy thing is she wasn’t that drunk!

OBC: What makes Taste Venue different from other bars in the area?

Vanessa: I would have to say the customers. We have a great group of seasonal regulars that join us for every Devils season. It’s also a great venue for live acts and private parties.

OBC: What are some of you favorite food items on the menu?

Vanessa: Definitely the catfish strips or the Hennessey Honey BBQ wings. One taste is all it takes!

Taste Venue | 47 Edison Place, Newark, NJ 07102 | Two bars on two floors, steps away from the world famous Prudential Center Arena