Featured bartender: Jess from Mr. Adams tells us how bartending helped her breakout of her shell

If you ever find yourself driving down Route 21 in Newark and get a sudden whiff of delicious-smelling rodizio, congratulations: you’re within range of Mr. Adams Steakhouse. We caught up with Adams bartender Jess to talk about what makes this recently upgraded bar and steakhouse a great place to grab a meal, chug a beer, and take in a game.

20150116_154008Our Brew Crew: How did you get started bartending?

Jess: A friend of mine who was bartending gave me the opportunity to get in the business and talked me into trying it. That was about two years ago. Truthfully I didn’t want to bartend, but now I love it.

OBC: Why didn’t you want to be a bartender?

Jess: When I was growing up my mom was very protective, and I was very shy and timid. So the idea of talking to all these people was very intimidating.

OBC: What about now? What do you like about it?

Jess: I like that it made me break out of my shell and be more confident. I get to meet new and interesting people, and it has flexible hours for when I go back to school.

OBC: What sets Mr. Adams apart from other bars?

Jess: Mr. Adams offers plenty of free parking, two separate bars, a full steakhouse with amazing rodizio, a private party room, 17-large flat screen TVs, and pour-your-own-beer booths!

OBC: Do you have a signature cocktail that you make?

Jess: Yes, it’s called the Juicy Juice: it’s a mix of fruit juices and various flavored rums. It’s a very refreshing drink.

OBC: What would you say to someone who is just starting out in the business and nervous?

Jess: I would tell them to be themselves and just have fun. Don’t be nervous about talking to new people, and make sure you always smile when you’re behind the bar.

OBC: What is Mr. Adams doing for the Big Game on February 1?

Jess: We are offering $5 appetizer baskets of either mozzarella sticks, cheese fries or boneless wings. We also offer buckets of beer or, if you’re really thirsty, 128 oz. towers of draft beer.

OBC: Do you have anything else you’d like to promote?

Jess: Well you can follow me on Instagram @jessandreaa_, and also I’ll be hosting the “Before the Hangover” party this Sunday, January 18 at Vivo Lounge (167 Ferry Street, Newark, NJ).

OBC: What can you tell us about that?

Jess: Doors open at 9pm and ladies are free before 10:30pm. Music is by DJ Cipha Sounds and Drewski from Hot 97 (97.1 FM New York). There are also great bottle specials before 11pm. For more information, visit leadteampromotions.com.

Mr. Adams is located at 1034 McCarter Highway Newark, NJ 07102. For more information, visit MRADAMSSTEAKHOUSE.COM, or call 973-622-6221 for reservations.