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Bell’s beer will head to Tennessee starting in November

  COMSTOCK, MI –Bell’s Brewery, Inc. will begin distributing to Tennessee in early November, making it the 23rd state it distributes to in addition to Washington DC and Puerto Rico. Bell’s will work with Central Distributors, Inc., Clark Distributing Co., Inc., Volunteer Distributing Co., Budweiser of Chattanooga,Budweiser of Clarksville, Budweiser of Cookeville, BountyBev, LLC, Holston Distributing […]

Bathtub booze and knock-off whisky: inside China’s fake alcohol industry

Drinkers are unwittingly knocking back fake alcohol brewed in bathtubs, which could lead to potentially serious health “A friend and I bought a bottle of Cutty Sark whisky here once,” says Beijing-based marketing consultant Blake Stone-Banks, sitting on the terrace of a rough and rammed bar in Sanlitun, one of the Chinese capital’s busiest commercial […]

A Budweiser/Miller merger could be the best thing to happen to craft beer

The craft beer community is a proud and close-knit one. There’s a unique camaraderie among craft brewers and drinkers alike in creating and sharing a complexity of flavors that can’t typically be found in large-scale beer. In the past 12 months, there have been more than a dozen craft-beer mergers and acquisitions by larger breweries, but now the largest […]

The 10 healthiest beers, ranked

There’s no question that beer gets a bad rap when it comes to whether or not it’s good for you—in fact, you’ve probably just come to accept the fact that knocking back a pint or two is somehow derailing your general well-being. But while it’s true that a few too many six-packs can wreak havoc […]

AB InBev plans takeover bid for SABMiller

Budweiser maker Anheuser-Busch InBev wants to buy SAB Miller. A merger would create a “super brewery” with nine of the world’s top 20 beers by volume, and annual sales of $55 billion. Shares in both companies shot up — the combined group would be worth about $276 billion at Wednesday’s prices. SABMiller (SBMRY), which makes […]

Prost! Munich’s Most Authentic Beer Hall

Looking for an authentic beer hall experience in Munich? Try the Augustiner brewery rather than the famous Hofbräuhaus. Oktoberfest is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Munich, and Hofbräuhaus is second. Cuckoo clocks? A distant third. I rolled into the famous beer hall after a day of sightseeing and discovered […]